Our sponsors


The UNDP - Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme

The Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) implemented by UNDP has supported the Permanent Mooring Buoys Pilot Project and currently supports the Fixed Mooring Buoys and Community Based Marine Environmental Monitoring Project deploying a total of 14 buoys around the island. The GEF-SGP has also approved funding for MSDA/Reef Mauritius to carry out the Pilot Project for Marine Environmental Education & Resource Centres for Beaches in Mauritius in coordination with the Beach Authority.
The GEF SGP was launched in Mauritius in 1995. It provides financial assistance up to US $ 50,000 and technical assistance to NGOs and community-based organizations for activities in the areas of biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, protection of international waters, prevention of land degradation, and elimination of persistent organic pollutants. For more information visit the website on http://sgp.undp.org/

Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank Mauritius plc supports the second phase of the fixed mooring buoys project, deploying a total of 7 buoys under this funding. Barclays is committed to playing a leading role in the communities it serves. The community affairs team works with community partners, voluntary organisations and employees to allocated resources where they will make a real difference in the community. They aim to deliver lasting benefit to their partners, support employees who give their time and expertise and help build a healthy social and economic environment in which to do business.

Cerena Group

Cerena Group, a Rogers investment, is funding Reef Mauritius to carry out the Cetaceans, Seabirds and Plankton Project, providing us with equipment and in-kind support. Cerena Group is an organisation actively involved in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, which regroups a number of activities under four distinct platforms namely Agro-Science which covers Roger Fayd'herbe, Fayco and Green line Pest Control, Industrial with Desbro, Sofap and Amro Chemicals, Trade Services which includes Scott, DBCL and Sebna, Industrial, and Healthcare which is the trading activity of Copharma ltd. The companies within these platforms have been operating for many years and one of them since 1835.


Each year, the United States Embassy offers small grants through the Ambassador's Self Help Fund Program. The Ambassador's Self Help Fund enabled Reef Conservation Mauritius to develop a poster of the Human Impacts on the Lagoon, carry out a teacher workshop, develop a website and purchase a video camera with underwater casing.