Reef Conservation Mauritius

"Reef Conservation Mauritius is an NGO dedicated to the conservation and restoration of the marine environment of Mauritius through the implementation and management of research and education projects.

The team

Professional marine biologists and support staff to implement and manage projects and train volunteer divers and crew.

Our projects

While each project is an independent entity, they are inter-related, underpinning each other through research and education to provide a holistic approach to marine conservation.

  • Fixed Mooring Buoys (FMBs) Project & Reef Monitoring:
    Coral reefs play an important role as fish habitat, in shoreline protection and tourism. FMBs are being placed at popular dive and snorkeling sites around Mauritius to protect coral from anchor damage. Corals and fish populations are monitored to assess regeneration at these sites. Research data is incorporated in the education and sensitization projects. Stakeholders are trained in the use of the buoys and their importance in coral conservation and the importance of conservation to their livelihood.
  • Oceanic & Coastal research & Cetacean and Seabirds Project:
    Rare, internationally important indicator species are poorly studied locally. Their status can provide a valuable indication of the state of the oceans and the impacts of climate change in the area. The results from the studies of these charismatic species will be incorporated into the education and sensitisation activities providing a platform to raise other important related issues in the marine environment.
  • Education and Sensitization:
    Ultimately marine conservation will only be achieved through education and raising awareness of the population and in the youngsters about the importance of the sea to all of us. The lack of awareness results in a lack of care. The research activities are all linked into the education activities to provide teaching tools and information about the marine environment in a local context, with the ultimate goal to have marine science and conservation incorporated into the existing National (science) Curriculum for primary school children.
  • Other Activities:
    The 'Fête de la Mer' was held at the Caudan Waterfront in November to celebrate the sea and related activities and to raise awareness about the need to protect the marine environment. We hope to make this a yearly venture.

Beneficiaries of our projects

The future generations of Mauritius and all those who depend on the marine environment for their livelihoods and all the critters that live within it.

Our Sponsors

  • UNDP GEF/SGP - supporting the FMBs project and Education project
  • Barclays - supporting the FMBs project and Education project
  • Rogers - supporting the Cetacean and Seabirds Project and the Education Project
  • US AID - supporting the Education project